Saturday, December 27, 2003

post-holiday weigh in

lost one pound! woohoo!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

ballet 201

so, i started my ballet 201 video last night and, let me just say, oh. my. god. very difficult. and it raises your heart rate like mad!

you start off at the barre and go through the barre work that you learned in ballet 101 with the addition of a couple of new moves. all exercises are done on both legs to keep things even. petit allégro i'm fine with. i can do eight jumps in first, eight in second, and eight in fifth. the changement is even okay. échappé is where things get a little hairy. i keep wanting to bounce too much. even that, though, is okay. four changements followed by two échappés done four times in a row is when my heart rate just jumps.

the dance in ballet 101 is like this:

pas marché, bourrée, arabesque, arabesque, glissade, pas de chat, pas de chat, pas de chat.

the dance in ballet 201 is like this:

glissade, changement, changement, changement, glissade, changement, changement, changement, arabesque, tombé, pas de bourrée, glissade, pas de chat, pas de chat, pas de chat.

the dance from ballet 201 is guaranteed to raise your heart rate.

and i love every second of it!

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Friday, December 19, 2003


weighed in and lost two pounds! yay! this also means, however, that i am at a lower points target on weight watchers (22 instead of 24). we'll see how it goes.

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Monday, December 15, 2003

workout schedule

i want to start doing yoga twice a week. sunday and thursday. and i'll be doing ballet every other day. and three times a week i'll be doing a video from the firm. i need to get some cardio in there, too.


monday: the firm, ballet
tuesday: cardio
wednesday: the firm, ballet
thursday: yoga, cardio
friday: ballet
saturday: the firm, cardio
sunday: yoga, ballet

monday: the firm, cardio
tuesday: ballet, cardio
wednesday: the firm
thursday: yoga, ballet
friday: cardio
saturday: the firm, ballet
sunday: yoga

this, of course, is subject to change.

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i can now nearly lay my upper body on the floor in front of me when doing one of those inner thigh stretches with my legs straddled. how awesome is that?

that's what i thought.

pretty damn awesome.

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Saturday, December 13, 2003

rethinking running

okay, it's not like i want to be a prima ballerina. i know that i'm starting about twenty years too late in life for that, but... every dancer i've talked to has said that running and dancing don't mix. dancing results in loose hips that don't work well in running. also, the constant pounding of running breaks down the tendons that a dancer needs in order to dance.

i was talking to my mom last night and she asked me, quite simply, would you rather dance or run?

my immediate reply? dance. period. no questions asked.

so maybe i'll just be sticking with dance, kickboxing, strength training, aerobics, and yoga. i mean, it's not as if i'll lack cardiovascular fitness if i don't run. and i would much rather dance. i love it.

love it.

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Friday, December 12, 2003

lack of running

i've made an huge decision. i'm not going to be running again until i've lost enough weight that it won't hurt my knees. so, probably when i get to 150 pounds i'll take a mile jog and see how it feels. if it feels okay, i'll start incorporating running into my routine again. and then i'll get my fs-1 pro watch from fitsense.

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this week's weigh in

i'm down two and a half! i now weigh 176 pounds. this also means that i'm over halfway to my goal of 115 pounds. 52% of the *weigh* there, so to speak.

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ballet, again

well, i did my ballet 101 tape last night. it was terrific! the arabesque's were really hard, though. my shoulders kept wanting to turn, and my hips didn't want to hold the turnout. but it was great fun!

i'm going to try to do the video three to four times a week until i have it down perfectly and gracefully. then, i'll move onto ballet 201. i'm so excited! after ballet 201 will come ballet 101 & 201, combinations 1. and then ballet 101 & 201, combinations 2. what after that? depending on how long it takes, that will bring me to an actual ballet class! very much exciting.

my hips hurt today from the turnouts. i guess that's good, though, because it means i'm doing it correctly. if my knees hurt, that would be bad. the turnout comes from the hips.

at the end of the tape, you put together everything you've learned thus far into a short little dance. i was so proud of myself that i made my husband come watch me. he, of course, said that i was weird, but he did agree that i learned that bit rather quickly... and, given time, i could develop into a talented dancer. that made me happy.

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Thursday, December 11, 2003

six days since my last entry?

how can that be?


i got two ballet videos (ballet 101 and ballet 201). i'm going to take a peek at 101 tonight, though at first glance it looked a bit remedial. hopefully, the further you get into it, the more they teach you. i was surprised to know that you could burn about two hundred calories in half an hour of ballet. basically, though, two hundred calories isn't much. take the stairs a few times and you're there.

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*height: 5'4"
*start weight: 242 pounds
*current weight: 173 pounds
*goal weight: 115 pounds
*total lost: 69 pounds
*left to lose: 58 pounds

reward system:
*70 pounds - portable dance flooring
*80 pounds - manicure and pedicure
*90 pounds - facial
*100 pounds - actual ballet classes (complete with vegan ballet slippers and a unitard!)
*110 pounds - at-home ballet practice equipment (barre and mirror)
*120 pounds - day of pampering (maybe my mom could come out for this one!)
*goal weight - makeover (hair, clothes, make-up, if i wore make-up)

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