Friday, November 28, 2003

working out

i did forty minutes of kickboxing this morning. great fun. i need something to shake up my workout routine. i'm currently running, kickboxing, strength training, and throwing in the occasional circuit workout. i really want to start doing ballet again. i say again, but i haven't really had a ballet class in eighteen or so years. what i was thinking, though, is ballet class videos.

collage video has some pretty good choices. six of the videos and dvds on their website are now on my *may i please have this?* list. the most commercialized *holiday* of the year is coming up, so we'll see what happens. i'm thinking that once i get my body back into decent shape i'm going to start taking actualy ballet/dance classes. watching *save the last dance* isn't good for me, i think. it makes me want to be a ballerina. shuh. well, a girl can dream, can't she?

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well, i've maintained this week. pretty good for a girl who's taking antibiotics and who just started taking birth control again. i also had too much sodium yesterday. pizza. yum.

on the one hand i wish i could've lost at least half a pound. on the other hand, though, i'm happy that i didn't gain. woohoo!

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Thursday, November 27, 2003

what holiday?

i've been sick lately, so my running has really been funky lately. this morning i ran three miles, but i had to run it in a devious way. i ran half a mile, stopped and took a few deep breaths, ran another half a mile, stopped again and took a few more deep breaths, and so on and so on.

hopefully, by the time saturday rolls around i'll be feeling better and able to run three miles straight again.

today, my husband and i had pizza for *thanksgiving dinner.* neither one of us is really big on thanksgiving, anyway... and there's no way in hell that my vegetarian ass if ever going to cook a turkey. so there.

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*height: 5'4"
*start weight: 242 pounds
*current weight: 173 pounds
*goal weight: 115 pounds
*total lost: 69 pounds
*left to lose: 58 pounds

reward system:
*70 pounds - portable dance flooring
*80 pounds - manicure and pedicure
*90 pounds - facial
*100 pounds - actual ballet classes (complete with vegan ballet slippers and a unitard!)
*110 pounds - at-home ballet practice equipment (barre and mirror)
*120 pounds - day of pampering (maybe my mom could come out for this one!)
*goal weight - makeover (hair, clothes, make-up, if i wore make-up)

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